Broadcast Concepts BL1200-184XR

The Broadcast Concepts BL1200-184XR is designed for FM radio transmitters, this amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and a pair of BLF184XR – 600 watt LDMOS transistors. This product is designed for FM transmitter builders who don’t want to worry about finding an appropriate heatsink. We have done all of the research and machining for you.

  • Custom high performance bonded fin heatsink.
  • 90 degree teflon hybrid combiners.
  • 86-110MHz 43 - 50 Volts
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 1200W Minimum with a 8 watt input.
  • 25dB gain minimum.
  • Low distortion Class B push-pull.
  • Heatsink size: 6.96 inch wide x 2.75 in high x 13.5 inches long.
  • Harmonic absorbing low pass filter with silver plated coils included.
  • 75% efficiency minimum.
  • Power requirements 35 Amps max @ 43 - 50 volts. (2 SE1000 48V power supplies will run this module or 1 RSP2000)
  • Bias disable pads facilitate integration into amplifier systems that employ automatic VSWR protection.
  • This product requires a minimum of 200 CFM forced air cooling.


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    Broadcast Concepts BL1200-184XR


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