Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-49

***New design with close to 80% efficiency and low harmonic output***

When a design engineer is allowed to develop a product without regard to cost we usually end up with a product that offers great performance but at too high price. Our goal was to design the best 1KW module in the world and then reduce the cost later. In a design where performance was top priority the cost of this product is still reasonably priced. In terms of performance it is in a class of its own at a price that is much lower than a 3 x SD2942 or 4 x BLF278/MRF151G.

This module is ideal for building 1000W transmitters. With a P1dB point over 1200W there is plenty of margin to overcome low pass filter and directional coupler losses.

Most system integrators need to combine multiple modules for higher power. Thanks to 90 degree hybrids these modules can be combined using standard Wilkinson combiners. 90 degree combining provides the best impedance match; therefore, driving low pass filters and combiners results in much lower reactions and losses.

This product is marketed to experienced FM transmitter fabricators only.

  • 32-50 Volts @ 32 - 36ADC
  • 86-110MHz
  • BLF574 50volt LDMOS Technology.
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 1200W min. 4 watt input
  • P1dB 1225W typical.
  • 25 dB gain minimum.
  • Heavy duty  output hybrid is rated for 2000W.
  • Class B push-pull.
  • Temperature compensated bias.
  • Size; LxWxH 8.7 x 5.0 x 1.5 inches
  • 1/4 inch alloy 145 copper base.
  • Weight 5 LBS


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    Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-49


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