Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR

FM wideband amplifier, with microstrip technology and BLF184XR RF mosfet.
BLF184XR was introduced recently and makes this amplifier possible with a single transistor. This eliminates the need for combiners and associated losses.
The BLF184XR is the latest high performance technology from NXP. These new 50 volt LDMOS transistors are ideal for that 1KW amplifier project. This pallet is intended for experienced transmitter builders only. An excellent heat-sink with strong technical background in RF amplifiers is required. Model Broadcast Concepts LPF 1500W is the only suitable low pass filter for this product. Using any other filter may result in lower power output and voids all warranties. System integrators who plan to provide their own low pass filter must foresee using a harmonic absorbing typology.

  • 40-50 Volts @ 32 - 36ADC
  • 87.5-108.1MHz
  • BLF184XR 50volt LDMOS Technology.
  • Input/Output 50 ohms
  • Pout 1200W min. 5.5 watt input typical
  • P1dB 1100W typical.
  • 23 dB gain minimum.
  • Heavy duty output hybrid is rated for 2000W.
  • Class B push-pull.
  • Temperature compensated bias.
  • Size; LxWxH 8.94  x 4.0 x 1.25 inches
  • 1/4 inch alloy 145 copper base.
  • Weight 4 LBS


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    Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR


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