Biquad TUNER M1


The Tuner M1 can be used to accurately and faithfully monitor the audio transmitted by an AM or FM radio station.
Its electronic circuit was developed for professional applications and has high linearity in the modulation of audio and fidelity in the frequency response.

Features balanced audio output on the rear panel with XLR connectors and inputs for AM and FM antennas with BNC connectors.
 On its front panel, the equipment has a high power and sound fidelity amplifier, an LCD display and buttons to access the

product’s adjustment parameters, such as: frequency tuning, memories, etc.

It is possible to store up to 40 different broadcasters in both the AM and FM bands, in addition the equipment features automatic frequency search and Sleep function.
It can be used in radio studios as a receiver for monitoring high authenticity or sound in general, a feature port for professional applications.
Rack standard cabinet, with brushed stainless steel finish.


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    Biquad TUNER M1


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