Belar FMS-2

FM Precision Stereo Modulation Monitor

Belar FMS-2

The Belar Model FMS-2 Stereo Modulation Monitor is an all solid state precision stereo monitor designed to operate in conjunction with the Belar model FMM-2 base-band modulation monitor. The FMS-2 is also used for test functions in conjunction with the model FMM-2 to ensure the proper performance of FM stereo transmitters. The test and measurement capability of the FMS-2 is further enhanced by the integration of two independent auto-ranging voltmeters allowing automatic measurement of channel separation and cross-talk, along with sub-carrier suppression and noise. For example, depressing the left and right channel buttons automatically registers the wanted and unwanted channel for instant separation measurements. A front panel hold button can be used to lock the auto-range to the displayed range.

  • Two independent semi-peak modulation meters for simultaneous monitoring of left and right channels
  • Front panel switchable de-emphasis for noise measurements
  • Pilot alarm with front panel indicator
  • Outputs for audio proof-of-performance measurements
  • Two auto-ranging voltmeters with LED displays for 0 to -80 dB range measurements
  • Stereo separation measurement capability of over 70 dB at 15 kHz
  • High visibility rear-illuminated meters


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