AudioScience ASI6514 Sound Card

The ASI6514 and ASI6518 are professional PCI sound cards designed for use in radio broadcast automation.

Providing up to 16 play streams that are mixed to 4 (ASI6514) or 8 (ASI6518) balanced stereo outputs and up to 2 record streams fed from one balanced stereo input, the ASI6514 and ASI6518 feature AudioScience’s unique “anything to anywhere” mixing and routing.

The ASI6514 and ASI6518 provides both balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs. The maximum analog input and output level is +24dBu.

A choice of uncompressed PCM, MPEG layer 2 and MP3 is available for both recording and playback. All compression is handled by an on-board floating point DSP, allowing the host computer to focus on other tasks.

ASI6514 and ASI6518 functionality includes MRX™ multi-rate mixing technology which allows streams of different sample-rates and formats to be mixed digitally. TSX™ time scaling allows compression/expansion of any or all playback streams in real time with no change in pitch. For emerging surround sound applications, SSX2™ mode allows multichannel streams of up to 8 channels to be played and mixed.


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