Solidyne Audicom MultiCast

Audicom is Solidyne’s Windows native user friendly automation software. This all inclusive program supports automated programs, web tools, advertisement creation and monitoring and will work with the existing PC in your studio!

Audicom MultiCast is the only Artificial Intelligence radio software of the market. Complete “all in one” software with 32 different modules, for MCR workstations, Production, Recording, Traffic, Invoicing, Statistics, Budget control, Full Ads and Music listing, Newsroom, Audience Recording, Automatic Journalist recordings. It uses Cyberplay ON-Air screen, InfoMusic database, AutoDJ On-line music scheduler, Master & Slave satellite control, Teleprompter software for reading news, and much more. It works with standard PC audio cards or direct USB connection to console. It Manages a complete network of several Radio stations using Internet streaming with Metadata information to synchronize the transmission.

- Windows native, Windows 10 compatible - Easy to use: It has a carefully designed user interface to facilitate operational tasks and interaction among its various controls. - HD Quality: Not all systems sound alike. Audicom has sought to use the best codecs on the market, always keeping the audio signal without unnecessary re-processing, esuring crystal clear sound. - Reliable: The most robust software in its class. No painful periodic license validation. Designed in native Win32, ensuring operation 24 hours a day every day of the year. Never again will yout station air radio silence due to failure of automation software! - Open: No proprietary file to be imported and exported manually. Audicom intake allows materials from pen drives, CD-ROMs or hard drives keeping its format and name of original files. Even the use of external audio editors and video is possible without cumbersome conversions! - Support RDS: Displays the station name, the title and artist of the song in recipients of alphanumeric radio. Allows youy to also send personalized messages, advertisements or to interact with your listeners. - Web Tools: Each Audicom can be accessed from the website from which you can interact with a virtual whiteboard with the operator, broadcaster, producers, etc. The charging of materials is allowed remotely, together with air auditing. Ideal for remote education or remote operation - Integral Business Management: Sales Management module (ADMICOM) allows monitoring, certification and pre-sales of advertising campaigns. - Premium Support: Audicom support team is always available to answer questions, queries or problems in the shortest time possible. All our support staff has over a decade of direct experience in Audicom and over two decades of experience in broadcasting. - Solid: With over 25 years experience developing software and automation to support radio, Solidyne ensures your investment today and for years to come.


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