Alice LTC Timecode DA

The Alice LTC Timecode DA 19” rack-mounted timecode distribution amplifier, with six Neutrik audio outputs and six BNC outputs for PSC cameras and field audio mixers.

Input impedance: internally selectable 20k ohms or 600 ohms balanced Input: common-mode rejection: 60dB typical Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.2dB Phase shift: 20Hz <1° 20kHz<5° Noise: -100dB (RMS 30Hz to 15kHz) at unity gain – Ref + 8dBu output Distortion: (THD) + 8dBu output: 40Hz 0.006% – 1kHz 0.006% 10kHz 0.02% Output impedance: <1 ohm balanced and floating Minimum load: 600 ohms Gain range: adjustable up to 20dB gain and 10dB loss Max. input level: +28dBu Max. output level: +26dBu into 5k ohms +24dBu into 600 ohms 0dBu = 0.775 volts RMS Mains supply: 85v to 250V AC operation Power consumption: 20VA Case details: 1U 19″ rack mounting, overall depth 165mm Shipping weight: 1.95Kg
Alice LTC Timecode DA


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    Alice LTC Timecode DA


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