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For Testing MRI Coils 0.1 - 3.0T

The VIA Bravo MRI & MRI II are Network Analyzers that accurately measure impedances from 2 to 2000 Ohms, resistance, phase angle, X, Q, return loss, and SWR. Both Bravos can simultaneously provide graphical display for any two measurement parameters. The frequency sweep is plotted in the X axis and independent left and right Y axis scales are user selectable. The Bravo’s portability and ability to function in close proximity to magnetic fields make it the ideal test instrument for installing and servicing MRI systems. Additionally, our Bravo products come with Bravo PC Vision™ software. This software permits remote control operation of the Bravo MRI or MRI II to upload test results to a PC or laptop, view the VIA or Smith Charts in full color, tore and print complete analyzer documentation. While the Bravo’s LCD can support displaying two parameters, PC Vision can display one or all the testing parameters at once. The Bravo MRI or MRI II will save time, reduce capital expenditures, and reduce costs typically associated with the installation and servicing of MRI Systems.

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100KHz to 70MHz (0.1-1.5T) & 100KHz to 200 MHz ( 0.1 – 3T)

Display Resolutions:
< 0.02% of center Frequency

Measurement speed:
~2 sweeps / second

Frequency display width:
0 to 12.8 MHz/80 data points/Large readouts./0 to 16 MHz/100 data points/small readouts.

Impedance Range:
2 to 2000 Ohms

Impedance plotting scales:
0 to 100 Ohms Minimum / 0 to 2000 Ohms Maximum

Phase angle plotting scales:
+/- 15 to +/- 180 Degrees

Harmonic and spurious:
>30 dB below fundamental

Output power:
~ -15 [email protected] 50 ohms

Serial interface speeds:
4800 to 57.6K bps

Power requirements:
10-18 VDC at 400 mA. minimum

Antenna connector:
BNC for Bravo MRI &`N`Connector for all others

8.5 inch x 4.3 inch x 2.25 inch

20 oz.

16 presets, 8 presets and plots

SuperTwist backlit LCD 64 x 128

Serial Port

Internal Power:
8 AA Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries

External Power:
90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz wall adapter (included)




Windows™ 95/98/ME/XP/2000 compatible PC Vision software included.
Signal Generator Mode – CW signal generator.
Simultaneously view two separate plots with different scales
Nonvolatile memories for both Plot Storage and Setup data.
Lightweight and portable.
Measure Parallel or Series Resistance & Reactance.
Large numeric display of center frequency graph values and Q of the left graph.
EL Backlit SuperTwist display for better contrast and viewing angles.
Easy transfer of stored memory data to software.
Cable/Fixture Nulling for both S11 and S21 modes.
Automatic Calibration and Self-test.
Auditory cues for non-visual tuning.

• Provides rapid coil performance analysis

• Improves MRI reliability

• Improves MRI image quality

• Reduces service wait time

• Reduces MRI out of service time

• Operates in magnetic environment

• Can be operated in remote control from a PC or laptop

• Document coil performance and tuning

• Maintain servicing records for coils

• Bravo MRI II model has N type dual-ports (S11 & S21) for coil-to-coil loss/separation measurements


AEA Technology

AEA Technology, offers a wide range of SWR, Vector Impedance and MRI analysers with high accuracy at affordable prices


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  • Frequency/Tesla Range:Bravo MRI – 100KHz to 70MHz (0.1 to 1.5T)
  • Brave MRI II – 100KHz to 70MHz (0.1 to 3.0T)
  • Tuning Resolution:< 0.02% of Center Frequency
  • Measurement Speed:~ 1 Sweeps/Second
  • Freq. Display Width:0 – 12.8MHz/80 data pts/Large Readout Mode
  • 0 – 16MHz/100 data pts/Small Readout Mode
  • Impedance Range:0 to 2000 Ohms
  • Impedance Scales:0 to 100 Ohms Minimum
  • 0 to 2000 Ohms Maximum
  • Phase Angle Scales:± 15 to ± 180 Degrees
  • Harmonic & Spurious:>30 dB below fundamental
  • Output Power:~ -15 dBm @ 50 Ohms
  • Power Requirements:13.8 to 18 VDC @ 400mA Min.
  • Input Connectors:BNC for Bravo MRI
  • N Type for all other models
  • Display:64 x 128 pixels backlit LCD
  • Non Volatile Memory:Slots 1–16 Instrument presets
  • Slots 17–24 presets & data
  • Dimensions:8.5×4.3×2.25” (215x110x57mm)
  • Weight:20 oz (640g) without batteries
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