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    2wcom OCTO-IP

    RDS data multiplexer for RDS networks

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    RDS OCTO-IP is a versatile router allowing multiple different kinds of inputs to be routed to your network of RDS encoder over TCP/IP. It provides a convenient way to have your complete network situation under control at a glance. The router is also targeted to run in failsafe environments as a service, fitting in many reliable infrastructures demanded by broadcasters.

    • Centralization of inputs and outputs of the RDS data streams
    • Support of multiple protocols like standard UECP 6.01, handling of GPI/Os and different kinds of Microsoft Message Queues
    • Redundant GPI/O hardware support
    • Transmit station support with spare encoder for failsafe operation
    • Allows easy routing from inputs to outputs by defining human readable names for sets of encoder
    • Comprehensive logging for all type of protocols
    • Special treatment of Traffic Announcements and Emergency Warnings over PTY31
    • Optional available with RDS Encoder Check:
      • Alive Check of the complete network
      • Unattended self-healing possible in case of difficulties
      • SNMP alarm support for fast signaling of network problems

    OCTO-IP Datasheet


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