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2wcom ALA

Automatic Line Alternative

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ALA (Automatic Line Alternative) is a micro-controller driven unit to verify and switch different modulation sources. All inputs are checked continually against a given level range. In case of losing one signal ALA will automatically choose another source to modulate your transmitter.

The graphical user interface running on a 5.7” color touch screen gives the opportunity to control the unit as well as set limits for signal range and switching parameters. Manual pre selections and measurements can be done right at the front panel. All input levels are visible via bar graph displays. Build in remote access via LAN interface and SNMP protocol. MP3 streaming enables monitoring options of all audio signals via TCP/IP.

An internal FM-Demodulator (optional) can be installed which has an FM input interface along with a symmetric MPX output.

  • Level monitoring of different sources
  • Automatic selection of best modulation source
  • Balanced connection for all inputs and outputs
  • Manual priority selection
  • 5.7” TFT color display with touch screen user interface
  • Bar graph for quick level control of each input DSP for signal measurement
  • 32-bit ARM9 based microcontroller
  • MP3 live streaming via TCP/IP
  • Two redundant power supplies
  • Web interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • FM-Demodulator (optional)

ALA Datasheet


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