Label 2-bay ‘Circular Polarised’ Package

TRU’s 2-Bay Circular Polarised antenna system comes completed with high performance antennas, 2-Way Power Divider, Jumper Cables & 30m of feeder cable with connectors. Different feeder length and connectors available by request.

TRU’s omnidirectional antenna offers circular polarization and is wide band requiring no tuning. These antennas are fully weather resistant being entirely made of stainless steel and with a PTFE insulator. The antennas are demountable into several parts to facilitate easy and economical shipping.

The antenna should be mounted on a support pole and clear of any nearby metal structures.

  • Omni directional antennas.
  • Circular polarization.
  • Broadband (no-tune).
  • Weather resistant, entirely made of high-grade aluminium alloy and PTFE insulator.
  • Demountable into several parts to facilitate easy, low-cost shipping.
  • For maximum performance, antennas should be mounted on a support pole and should not have any metal structures nearby.
Frequency range 87.5÷108 MHz Impedance 50 Ohm Connectors N-7/16-7/8-1-5/8 Max Power <10kW VSWR ≤ 1.35:1 Polarization Vertical Gain 3dB (referred to half-wave dipole) at 98 MHz Pattern Omni directional ± 3.45 dB in free Space, Omni directional ± 3 dB with 100mm diameter pole Lightning protection All metal parts DC grounded Dimensions 140x90x5 CM Weight 20kg with hardware mounting Wind Surface Area 0.5m2 Wind Load 9.8 kg (wind speed at 160 km/h - (without radome) Max Wind Velocity 220 km/h Materials (External) PTFE + Aluminum + Brass Materials (Internal) Brass Radome Fiberglass (optional) Icing Protection Feed point radome (optional) Radome (optional) Color White Mounting Special pipe clamps 40÷110 mm diameter


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