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JK Audio CellTap


Need to record your cell conversations?

Connect CellTap between the 2.5 mm earpiece jack of your cell phone and your earpiece or headset. Now connect a tape recorder or powered speakers to the 3.5 mm mini jack. This audio output contains a nice mix of both sides of the conversation. CellTap works with any wireless phone that accepts a third party headset or earpiece.

CellTap gives you a quick and easy way to record telephone interviews directly to your portable recorder or even directly to your computer sound card to be uploaded to your podcast.

Group Listen - Simply connect a powered speaker to the audio output jack and you will have a new conferencing capability. Everyone in the room can hear your conversation, but only the person wearing the headset can talk to the distant party. While this is not a speakerphone, in many cases it's more suitable for sales presentations or contract talks.

CellTap must be used with an earpiece or headset. Your cell phone will not recognize CellTap on its own.

Additional information

Weight 0.0992 kg


Product can be split into multiple boxes


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3.5 mm mono audio output jack
600 ohms, 100 mV RMS

(-16 dBm nom.)

Headset Jack
2.5 mm headset jack

36" cord with 2.5 mm headset plug

2" x 2" x 1.3" (5.1x 5.1 x 3.3 cm)

3.5 ounces




3.5mm audio output
Passive, no AC or battery power needed.
Rugged diecast Aluminum
Made in USA