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  • Audio Leveller

    The Audessence ALPS-1 audio leveller provides control of perceived audio loudness (volume), dynamic range and peak level (modulation).

  • Reference Monitor

    The Sonifex RM-4C8 comes with 4 x bright high-resolution 26 segment meter displays and separate left and right source selectors, the RM-4C8 is ideal for monitoring audio channels in an SDI group, or groups of de-embedded
    AES/EBU channels.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Biquad DAP4 TV 3

    TV Audio Processor

    The Biquad DAP4 TV digital audio processor, is a device aimed at all television broadcasters.

  • Surround Loudness Controller

    The OPTIMOD TV 8685 includes third-generation CBS Loudness Controllers for DTV applications.

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