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  • Stereo Generator & RDS Encoder DB9000-STC is a high-performance, 32bits DSP based Stereo Generator with built-in RDS/RBDS encoder.

    $ 1,403.00 $13.00
  • FM Limiter OPTIMOD 5518 is a superb stand-alone stereo FM limiter combining look-ahead and bandlimited clipping techniques.

    $ 3,044.00 $2,892.00
  • Transmitters `R` Us - 2WCOM S02 3

    Professional digital stereo generator with limiter The S02 contains two independently selectable limiters, a peak deviation limiter and a modulation limiter.

  • Broadcast Audio Processor With VOLT, we have rewritten the rules for broadcast DSP, fine-tuning our algorithms and creating the world’s best-sounding, most powerful and versatile 1RU audio processor.

    $ 3,949.00 $3,761.00
  • Broadcast Stereo Generator The processor-agnostic Omnia.9sg was always more than just a stereo generator.

    $ 4,802.00 $4,573.00
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