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    Automatic Line Alternative

    Safety for your transmission network – Automatic modulation source selection device

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    Automatic ‘Best’ MPX Source Selector

    The ALA-MPX enables you to simply monitor and compare up to four MPX signals (out of different sources or feeding systems) that get supervised and automatically switched following defined criteria in case of failure.

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    The Aphex Model 124B Audio Level Interface is designed to allow use of -10dBV consumer hi-fi equipment with +4 or +8dBm professional/industrial/broadcast audio systems.

  • Four wire box for use with headsets

    The Glensound GS-FW021 is the smallest of our belt pack range and has a very long battery life (in excess of 100 hours).

    261.00 235.00
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    10 Input, 4 Output Analogue Preset Mixer

    The RB-PMX4 is a high performance 10 mono input to 4 mono output pre-set mixer.

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    Mic/Line Source Selector with Compressor/Limiter

    The RB-SSML1 is a 1U rack-mountable source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming microphone or stereo line signal and mixing this signal with a stereo monitor input, which can then be metered and mixed to two headphone outputs.

  • User Friendly Single Position Commentary

    The Glensound Solo is a single position commentary unit designed for ease of use.

    544.00 517.00
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    Studio On-Air Switcher

    The RB-OA3 is a 1U rack-mount, unity gain on-air switcher, capable of switching three stereo pairs between three studios.

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    10 Way Stereo Analogue Source Selector/Mixer

    The RB-SS10 10 way stereo analogue source selector/mixer is a 1U rack-mount unit that produces a stereo analogue audio output from 10 selectable stereo analogue sources.

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    10 Way Stereo Digital Source Selector

    The RB-DSS10 digital source selector is a 1U rack-mount which produces an AES/EBU and S/PDIF level digital audio output from 10 selectable AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital input signals

  • Automatic AES Digital/Analog Switcher

    The Titus Technological Laboratories 3DRX is a digital audio repeater and crosspoint switcher.

    725.00 706.00
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    Audio Failover Switcher, 4 Main I/O, 2 Standby I/O

    The RB-FS42 4 + 2 audio failover switcher is a smaller channel count version of the RB-FS82, offering a lower number of inputs and outputs.

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    Audio Fail & Changeover Unit

    The E2072 is designed to provide sophisticated management of audio sources, such as lines, STLs or onsite backups.

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    4 x 4 Channel Digital Audio Mixer/Router

    The RB-DMX4 is a digital mixer capable of mixing or routing 4 mono input channels into 4 mono outputs, or 2 stereo inputs into 2 stereo outputs.

  • Audio Interface For Smart Phones & PCs

    The Cub is a two input, two output, battery-powered, digital mixer with an interface for iPhones, smart phones, or PCs, providing high-quality simultaneous recording or live reporting.

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  • The Aphex 320D delivers “intelligent” compressor action, leveling and peak limiting simultaneously.

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