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  • Portable Disaster Relief Studio

    The Ranger studios are compatible with a wide range of industry standard equipment.

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  • Portable Production Mixer

    Sound Devices presents the 552 Production Mixer, the most technologically advanced portable audio mixer ever made.

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  • Field Production Mixer

    In complex, multi-camera productions, output flexibility is essential. The 664 offers three sets of balanced left/right outputs.

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  • Classic Semi-Modular Broadcast Mixer

    Five different input modules are available for the GSNX6 mixer range.

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  • SixMix USB Broadcast Console

    The SixMix USB Broadcast Console is a full-featured professional radio station audio mixer.

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  • Compact Broadcast console

    The COMPACT is a user-friendly console perfectly adapted to the field of radio broadcasting.

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  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    We designed the Airmate-USB to fulfill the requirements for a high grade low cost radio production mixer.

    1795.00 1705.00
  • Mix-Minus Generator

    The RB-MM1 is a unit for generating a suitable mix to send to a telephone hybrid or codec.

  • 10 Input, 4 Output Analogue Preset Mixer

    The RB-PMX4 is a high performance 10 mono input to 4 mono output pre-set mixer.

  • 16-channel Analog Mixer with Multitrack USB

    When it comes to world-class quality and versatility, the Mackie Onyx16 16-channel analog mixer with multitrack USB is the perfect go-to board for all your live sound and recording needs.

  • Digital I/O Analogue Radio Broadcast Mixer 

    S2 is a modular broadcast mixer which offers digital audio quality with analogue reliability in a modular format.

  • Broadcast Mixer

    The ultra-compact XB-10 is perfect for small radio or internet broadcast studios, college and university radio stations, and podcasting.

  • 4-CH USB Digital Mini Mixer

    The MB2100 is the world only portable console that includes:
    Digital USB in-out // Equalization VQR // Audio Compressor + AGC // Bluetooth

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  • On-Air – Production Console

    With the WEBSTATION-USB you can now own a modern broadcast mixer for a very attractive price.

    999.00 799.00
  • Classic Semi-Modular Broadcast Mixer

    A no obligation quote is easy to obtain. Just let us know how many of each type of channel and what optional extras you would like and we will offer you a surprisingly economic price!

    1288.00 1159.00
  • A 2-user Commentary Box

    The Express Box was designed to provide a quick and easy solution when it is necessary to provide interfacing for two commentators, with simple facilities.

    1342.00 1275.00
  • Broadcast Mixer

    The XB-142 pre-amps use a two stage design, with carefully controlled amounts of gain in each stage.

  • 4 Input Mixer x 4

    The Ditto range of line level mixers offer multiple independent line mixers in compact 1u or 2u subracks.

    1545.00 1390.00
  • Classic Semi-Modular Broadcast Mixer

    Five different input modules are available for the GSNX6 mixer range.

  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    With the AIRLITE mixer you can now own a modern radio mixer for a very attractive price.


    1595.00 1436.00
  • Single Commentators Box For Dante Audio Networks
    Inferno can be used on it’s own when connected to a Dante audio network.

    1675.00 1595.00
  • Classic Semi-Modular Broadcast Mixer

    Our well known GSGC4&5 ISDN units are ideal for self operation by commentators and reporters but this new mixer is for use at larger sports events that boast the luxury of an operator.

  • Digital Mixer

    Now in a feature-packed new Chrome Edition, Qu-16 reshapes digital mixing, combining innovative design and exceptional functionality to create a superb professional mixing experience.

  • Digital Console

    The D612 is a revolutionary product that only a highly innovative company as Solidyne can offer at a price so low.

    1971.00 1873.00
  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    The key design objective behind OctoMix was to create a very high quality, extremely reliable and easy to use broadcast mixer.

  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    OXYGEN 3 is a compact audio console for On Air and production in the broadcast radio field.

  • Three Commentator Unit With Electronic Balancing

    The GS-CU001B is a highly versatile commentary unit. It was designed after close consultation with end users and the result is a stand alone unit which offers a wide range of facilities, and it is equally at home on the terraces, as it is in a studio.

    2196.00 1976.00
  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    A smart mixer with an integrated USB based control section.

    2375.00 2138.00
  • 4 Input Mixer x 8 With Front Panel Jack Inputs

    The Ditto range of line level mixers offer multiple independent line mixers in compact 1u or 2u subracks.

    2789.00 2510.00
  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    The Sonifex S0 mixer is a compact, low cost, fixed format broadcast mixing console designed for on-air radio use.

  • Digital Codec – Mixer

    Internal CPU + 3G/4G Codec + Digital Stereo Portable Mixer for
    high quality outdoors radio transmission.

    2847.00 2705.00
  • 9-Channel Broadcast Mixer

    The SRMv2 is a small, fixed format designed by Broadcast Radio to provide a high level of features in a package that novice broadcasters could easily understand.

  • Digital Console

    The D816 is a digital console with lower cost in the international market, offering digital USB In/outs, balanced analog in/outs and 3 hybrid inputs covering all the needs for small to medium size radio studios.

    3231.00 3069.00
  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    Delivers the highest sound quality while working 24 hours a day 7 days a week at an affordable price suitable for small and medium sized radio stations.

  • Radio Broadcast Mixer

    The Sonifex S1 mixer is a high performance compact, low cost, fixed format mixing console designed for on-air radio use.

  • Broadcast Mixing Console

    The Lyra is a fully digital desktop production mixer.

    3695.00 3510.00
  • On-Air & Production Console

    The new DX822 offers 16CH’s, 3 Hybrids, Digital in/out & USB for PC’s and  offers great value for money.

    4300.00 4085.00
  • Digital Console

    2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios.

    5786.00 5497.00
  • Modular Broadcast Mixing Console

    The new AIRLAB DT radio ON-AIR console is D&R’s solution for applications where features and functions has to be weighed up against operational simplicity.

    5625.00 5063.00
  • Digital Broadcast Console

    Designed for ON AIR use, FORUM IP can incorporate up to 20 faders.

  • IP Digital Console

    The UX24 is fully INTEGRAL maintaining the current wiring of your studio because you do not need to use an AoIP network which lowers installation costs.

  • Digital Mixing Console

    Imagine a console where you can decide yourself what a switch/encoder or fader will do for you. Not possible?

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