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    FM Modulation and AF Spectrum Analyser

    The TS9085 and TS9065, FM Modulation and AF Spectrum Analysers, have been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts.

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    Automatic Line Alternative

    Safety for your transmission network – Automatic modulation source selection device

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    Automatic ‘Best’ MPX Source Selector

    The ALA-MPX enables you to simply monitor and compare up to four MPX signals (out of different sources or feeding systems) that get supervised and automatically switched following defined criteria in case of failure.

  • INOmini AM SiteStreamer™

    The INOmini 637 SiteStreamer™ is a Web-enabled medium-wave AM broadcast receiver for remote signal monitoring.

  • FM & Mod Analyzer

    FM & MOD Analyzer, RDS Decoder, built-in GPS receiver for signal coverage survey

    1,114.00 1,058.00
  • Precision and excellence in one compact monitoring tool

    Taking pride of place in the extensive DEVA product range, the DB45 is the go-to piece of equipment if reliable monitoring of the FM signal is required.

    1,114.00 1,058.00
  • DAB/DAB+ & IP Audio Monitor

    The new DB3012 – DAB/DAB+ Radio & IP Audio Confidence Monitoring Receiver is the ultimate monitoring tool.

    1,470.00 1,396.00
  • FM & MPX Modulation Monitor

    Fitted with two time-aligned and highly sensitive DSP tuners, ModMon Encore has an unfair advantage over its competition: it’s the only modulation monitor that can DSP crossfade between two radio stations without retuning,

    1,750.00 1,575.00
  • FM Modulation Monitor Analyzer

    Transmission Quality Digital Monitor & Modulation Analyzer.

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    The SOFIA SiteStreamer+ does everything the SiteStreamer does “PLUS” so much more…


  • Advanced FM Monitoring Receiver & MPX Modulation Analyzer

    DB4005 is a third-generation digital FM Radio modulation analyzer and monitoring receiver, adding a whole new dimension to the idea of accuracy and versatility.

    2,182.00 2,073.00
  • AM Modulation Monitor & Reference Receiver

    The Inovonics 525N was specifically developed to give accurate AM readings with both analogue AM and Hybrid Digital (IBOC) transmissions.

    2,312.00 2,197.00
  • AM Modulation Monitor & Analyzer – The Wizard

    The Belar AMMA-2 is a DSP-based microprocessor-controlled, digital AM modulation monitor / analyzer.

  • Digital FM SCA Modulation Analyzer

    The Belar SCMA-1 Digital FM SCA Mod Monitor  is a DSP based precision SCA monitor designed to operate in conjunction with the Belar FMMA-1 or FMM-2 Modulation Monitor.

    3,330.00 3,179.00
  • “The Wizard” FM Modulation Monitor / Analyzer

    The Belar FMMA-1 “The Wizard” is a microprocessor controlled, digital baseband FM modulation monitor / analyzer.

  • FM Modulation Monitor & Analyzer

    The FMSA-1 is a DSP-based, microprocessor-controlled, FM Stereo Modulation Monitor/ Analyzer.

    3,815.00 3,624.00
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