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  • High-power Full-duplex Reporter Portable Unit

    RPU 500 can come with long lasting (up to 7 hours) lithium rechargeable battery or with the standard lead type.

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  • Full Duplex Base Unit

    RBK302 is the fixed units that works alongs with the RPU 300 reportage system.

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  • Diversity Receiver

    Suitable for very complex multi-channel systems thanks to the extraordinarily high intermodulation immunity and RF/IF selectivity.

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  • 30 Watt RF Power Amplifier

    The RPA25 Power Amplifier is very compact and, in spite of its small size, it features appreciated and unique characteristics.

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  • 2 x 50W Transmitter Combiner

    The RTC 25 Transmitter Combiner is very compact and, in spite of its small size, it features very good characteristics.

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  • COFDM wireless video transmitters

    Hfprints COFDM wireless video transmitters give high quality images and sufficient wireless range.

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  • Mobile Whip Antenna

    These RF Technologies antennas are factory tuned for any desired frequency between 150 and 500Mhz.

  • Dynamic Mic Pre-amp for smartphones

    Practical, affordable and reliable, Q-Mic is the perfect companion for professional field reporters.

  • Transceiver Interface

    All in one through a single USB port. Ideal interface for FT8 and WSJT modes!


  • IP Codec for iPhone

    Report-IT turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec.

  • N-type Aerial Upgrade

    Upgrade modification for HD units to replace the SMA connection.

  • STL Antenna (1200-1700MHz)

    A high performance antennafor use with STL links in the 1200Mhz – 1521 Mhz range.

  • STL Antenna (200-960MHz)

    The RFT-12 element directional antenna is suitable for STL & RPU systems between 200-960MHz.

  • 4-CH USB Digital Mini Mixer

    The MB2100 is the world only portable console that includes:
    Digital USB in-out // Equalization VQR // Audio Compressor + AGC // Bluetooth

  • Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone

    The GS-MPI004 has been designed to solve once and for all the problems of using mobile phones for audio broadcast purposes.

  • Audio Interface For Smart Phones & PCs

    The Cub is a two input, two output, battery-powered, digital mixer with an interface for iPhones, smart phones, or PCs, providing high-quality simultaneous recording or live reporting.

  • A 2-user Commentary Box

    The Express Box was designed to provide a quick and easy solution when it is necessary to provide interfacing for two commentators, with simple facilities.

  • 4G Broadcaster’s Mobile Phone

    The Expedition is a portable 2 channel, digital Broadcasters’ Phone with 7kHz HD Voice audio.

  • 2G Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone and TBU

    The GS-MPITBU002 houses a GS-MPI005 2G Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone and a GS-PASTE201 in a 1U 19″ rackmount.

  • Three Commentator Unit With Electronic Balancing

    The GS-CU001B is a highly versatile commentary unit. It was designed after close consultation with end users and the result is a stand alone unit which offers a wide range of facilities, and it is equally at home on the terraces, as it is in a studio.

  • Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone and Digital TBU

    The GS-MPITBU features a digital TBU and a Glensound Broadcasters’ Mobile Phone.

  • Portable Audio Codec

    It’s time to re-imagine remote broadcasting with the definitive remote codec of our generation.

    4995.00 4550.00
  • 3 Watt Transmitter/exciter

    With the optimum sensitivity adjustment, the red LED [5] can flash under modulation peaks.

  • GSM Mobile Cell Phone with Digital TBU

    The GS-MPITBU008 features a digital TBU and up to 2 x Glensound Broadcasters’ Mobile Phones.

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