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  • Transmitters `R` Us - AEQ Phoenix Mercury 2

    Full Duplex, Stereo, IP Audio Codec The AEQ MERCURY is a full duplex, Stereo, IP audio codec allowing for connections in Stereo, Dual or Mono.

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  • IP Audio Decoder The Barix Exstreamer 100 is a versatile network audio decoder for a variety of applications. It enables users to create flexible, cost-effective distributed audio systems using standard IP technology.

    179.00 170.00
  • Transmitters `R` Us - DEVA Broadcast DB91-RX 4

    Compact IP Audio Decoder The DB91-RX is DEVA’s second generation IP Audio decoder, which supports all of the most popular compressed audio streams and PCM uncompressed audio stream.

    195.00 185.00
  • IP Audio Decoder with 5W Amplifier PoE The Exstreamer P5 is all that is needed to turn any 8 Ohm commercial speaker into an IP enabled Background Music or Paging speaker.

    229.00 218.00
  • Transmitters `R` Us - Tieline Report-IT 3

    IP Codec for iPhone Report-IT turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec.

  • MP3 IP Audio Encoder The Barix Instreamer is an upgraded version of the Instreamer 100, the original IP Audio encoder used in thousands of installations worldwide.

    350.00 333.00
  • IP Intercom and PA device with PoE Top of the line Exstreamer, with built in amplifier and speaker output for powerful sound.

    395.00 375.00
  • Transmitters `R` Us - DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX 5

    Compact IP Audio Encoder DEVA’s second generation IP Audio encoder converts the audio signal into high quality compressed audio stream, and transmits the output signal directly over IP-based networks.

    415.00 395.00
  • Network Audio Encoder / Decoder Network intercom and PA component for commercial, industrial and security applications.

    595.00 565.00
  • Encoder v3 EtherMPX is an IP STL system designed to transport real time MPX with RDS or L/R signal from studio to transmitter, through TCP/IP network.  

    895.00 795.00
  • Broadcasters' Mobile Phone The GS-MPI004 has been designed to solve once and for all the problems of using mobile phones for audio broadcast purposes.

    1,098.00 1,043.00
  • Stereo IP Audio Codec Tieline’s Bridge-IT is the ultimate affordable, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications.

    1,143.00 1,089.00
  • Digital Audio Codec The Solidyne ADA102 digital audio codec is used as a high quality STL link, Internet streaming or Studio Link using a LAN network.

    1,202.86 1,142.71
  • Rackmount Bridge-IT Codec The 1RU Bridge-IT XTRA is a cost effective, high-performance, STL and multipoint IP audio codec with all the features of the Bridge-IT IP codec & more!

    1,548.00 1,475.00
  • AM SiteStreamer+™ The SOFIA 567 provides analog, AES3-digital and AoIP-streaming audio outputs.

    1,865.00 1,795.00
  • Twin G.711/G.722 Codecodec This new mains powered 1U subrack contains 2 completely independent G722/G711 Codecs and a twin Terminal Adapter.

    2,183.00 1,964.00
  • Transmitters `R` Us - 2WCOM MM01 24

    Audio over IP (AoIP) Codec The MM01 supports all currently established standards and, depending on customers requirements.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - 2WCOM MM08E 25

    8-ch DVB IP Encoder The MM08E is a state-of-the-art DVB Audio Encoder that can be used to generate multiple Audio over IP streams (RTP/UDP) or a combined DVB Transport Stream (DVB-TS).

  • Transmitters `R` Us - 2WCOM FMC01 26

    FM MPX Codec Connect your FM transmitter sites directly to your studio via MPX over IP.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - 2WCOM FM2TS 27

    FM DVB Transcoder for 8 FM radio channels Eight FM radio channels into one device, free programmable, multiple and free combinable TS outputs and IP streaming via IP or ASI.

  • 4 Channel IP Audio Codec The Tieline Gateway-4 is a powerful, rock solid IP audio codec for studio-to studio and studio-to-transmitter links

    3,355.00 3,195.00
  • Portable Audio Codec It’s time to re-imagine remote broadcasting with the definitive remote codec of our generation.

    4,045.00 3,850.00
  • 8 Channel Audio IP Codec The Highest Density DSP-based 1RU IP Audio Codec.

    5,376.00 5,120.00
  • 16 Channel IP Audio IP Codec The Tieline Gateway TLR6200-16 supports up to 16 mono channels or 8 stereo streams of bidirectional IP audio in 1RU to increase efficiency and reduce rack space requirements.

    10,072.00 9,592.00
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