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  • 19″ Rack Mount Studio PC

    Our rack mounted Studio Workstations are ideal for an application where a robust, quiet running rackmount workstation is required to run mission critical software.

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    GSM Remote Control

    TX10E module is an industrial grade product intended to provide remote control of DC motors or any DC powered devices.

  • Low power FM at it’s very best

    A complete Drive-inFM transmission system. Just supply your  audio feed, install the antenna, connect to AC power and you’re ready to go.

    1,709.00 1,276.00
  • Transmitter + Antenna + Cable

    1,726.00 1,294.00
  • Transmitter + Antenna + Cable

    2,418.00 1,986.00
  • AM Mediumwave Antenna

    Designed for the MF band, the TRU MF “Tee” antenna has omnidirectional characteristics and is supported by two 50′ guyed masts.

    11,350.00 9,512.00
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    4Kw AM Amplifier

    There is absolute no time limit for a carrier output power of 4000 Watts with our range of new mono=band HF broadcast amplifiers.

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