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  • FM Audio Processor

    Audessence ProCoder-2 FM processor and stereo encoder that can save money whether your station is part of a large network  or a smaller broadcaster looking to broadcast a loud signal without losing clarity and quality.

  • FM Audio Processor

    Top-of-the range Audessence ProCoder-3 with integral fully-featured RDS encoder now makes building a high quality, reliable FM system more cost-effective than ever before.

  • Audio Leveller

    Our entry-level digital audio processor desiged for podcasters, broadcast studios, news booths and programme production applications can also be used for dual (‘main’ and ‘guest’) microphone processing.

  • Audio Leveller

    The Audessence ALPS-1 audio leveller provides control of perceived audio loudness (volume), dynamic range and peak level (modulation).

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Audessence AM PRO-1 5

    AM Audio Processor

    The Audessence AM PRO-1 is a complete air-chain audio processing system for AM radio stations.

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