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  • Transmitters `R` Us - Aphex 124B 1

    Stereo Audio Level Interface

    The Aphex Model 124B Audio Level Interface is designed to allow use of -10dBV consumer hi-fi equipment with +4 or +8dBm professional/industrial/broadcast audio systems.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Aphex 120B 2

    Distribution Amplifier

    Model 120B is a high performance audio distribution amplifier with a single high impedance input and four low impedance outputs, all electronically servo-balanced and designed to be as transparent as possible.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Aphex 141B 3

    8-Channel A/D Converter

    Model 141B is a plug & play, eight-channel ADAT to Analog converter with balanced outputs, each with its own output level trim.

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    The pro recording studio standard Aphex 124A enjoys a longtime reputation as one of the world’s finest level interfaces.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Aphex Channel 4

    Master Preamp & Input Processor

    With more and more studios foregoing consoles in favor of recording and mixing “in the box”, a clean and versatile front end input stage is indispensible.

  • Transmitters `R` Us - Aphex 320D Compellor 5

    The Aphex 320D delivers “intelligent” compressor action, leveling and peak limiting simultaneously.

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    The Aphex Model 188 provides eight high-quality Aphex transformer-coupled mic preamps in a 1U rackmountable chassis.

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